Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5

Yes, I'm hopelessly neglecting this blog.

We went on vacation two weeks ago. We spent three nights in a motel, tooled around Arkansas, and went on a diamond hunt and a canoe ride all for under five hundred bucks.

I spent a total of $193.20 on groceries for the month of April. Of course, we were gone almost every weekend last month and went on vacation, but YAY! It was less than $200! Finally.

So far in May I spent 56 bucks for a motel room after the Dave Matthews Band concert and $15ish on dinner that night at The Cheesecake Factory.

I spent $11.70 at CVS on diapers, wipes, batteries, dishwashing liquid, razors, a Whitman's Sampler that I got on sale with a coupon for $3.99 (Happy Mother's Day, Mom!), and the BBQ sauce we needed to grill chicken. I used $14 of CVS points/cash.

Last month I spent $50 on our Angel Food boxes, but I count it for this month's groceries since we'll eat them this month. Today I spent $87.88 at HEB bringing my total for groceries in May to $137.88. I was real pleased with the free bottle of HEB laundry detergent ($4.69) I got free for buying an 8-pack of HEB paper towels for $6.99.