Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 5

Yes, I'm hopelessly neglecting this blog.

We went on vacation two weeks ago. We spent three nights in a motel, tooled around Arkansas, and went on a diamond hunt and a canoe ride all for under five hundred bucks.

I spent a total of $193.20 on groceries for the month of April. Of course, we were gone almost every weekend last month and went on vacation, but YAY! It was less than $200! Finally.

So far in May I spent 56 bucks for a motel room after the Dave Matthews Band concert and $15ish on dinner that night at The Cheesecake Factory.

I spent $11.70 at CVS on diapers, wipes, batteries, dishwashing liquid, razors, a Whitman's Sampler that I got on sale with a coupon for $3.99 (Happy Mother's Day, Mom!), and the BBQ sauce we needed to grill chicken. I used $14 of CVS points/cash.

Last month I spent $50 on our Angel Food boxes, but I count it for this month's groceries since we'll eat them this month. Today I spent $87.88 at HEB bringing my total for groceries in May to $137.88. I was real pleased with the free bottle of HEB laundry detergent ($4.69) I got free for buying an 8-pack of HEB paper towels for $6.99.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 9

I haven't written much here because I haven't shopped much.

Last Friday, I went to Hallmark and bought a Webkinz and a Webkinz lipgloss because the big kid had a birthday party to attend. I was pleasantly surprised to find both of them half price at check-out. $10.24 for both. Yay!

And then I had to go to CVS for "feminine supplies". I could've shopped around a found a better price, but I can walk to CVS (but I didn't). I did use coupons on those but while I was there I saw that if you bought $25 of Huggies products you'd receive $10 bucks in CVS bucks so I bought two packs of pull-ups at 10 bucks a piece and a huge refill pack of wipes at 5 bucks. I didn't need them right then, but I will eventually and I can go back and use the bucks to buy four gallons of milk at some point. I also got Herbal Essences shampoo for 99 cents because it was on sale and I had a two dollar coupon. I LOVE their new Hydralicious shampoo but I refuse to buy it at $4.59 so this was a nice bargain to me. I've been loving my new shampoo this week. Almost makes up for the crappy forty-five dollar haircut I got with my Christmas money. That's another story I just don't want to relive.

I had to break down and go to the grocery store. We weren't able to go on our vacation this week so I needed some things to tide us over until next week when I can go on a big trip. On Saturday I spent $22.37 and on Tuesday I spent $59.52. Not bad, but I didn't get anything to make meals with just snacks and sandwich fixings. With the thirty dollars I spent last month on April's angel food box, I've spent a total so far in April of $111.89 for groceries. I still hope to keep our month total under $250, but I know I'll be buying a lot next week. Here's hoping there will be good sales.

Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30

I picked up our March Angel Food box on Saturday. We ate half the rib-eye steaks and half a bag of the french fries and still have the rest of the box to use this week and next. I am NOT going to the supermarket this week. No, I am not. Little experiment here, I am going to see how far I can make this box and the rest of my pantry go. We are going on a short, cheap vacation next Wednesday and I am going to stretch it until we get back, after Easter. Of course, we'll be eating Easter dinner at the grandparents so that will help, but with the extra cash we'll be spending on our yee-haw Arkansas trip we just don't have the money for anything else until April 15. I think I can do this. Wish me luck.

So far in April: $30.00 for the Angel Food box.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 25

I got to looking at my grocery receipt from yesterday, wondering how in the world I spent seventy some dollars on food for three planned meals. Turns out I buy lots of soda and kool-aid when it's on sale. Oh, I can get it cheap, like a dollar for a 2-liter or $2.50 a 12-pack and I got really excited to get a big canister of kool-aid mix for $1.50, but it adds up. I just don't like water. I want taste. Sweet taste. Good taste.

But. I am giving it all up.

Once I finish my stash, it's water, tea, juice, and milk for us from now on. Tap water is free and tea can be made very cheaply and a few teabags go a long way. My dad cannot live without his soda so we can get our carbonation fix when we go there. I have always watered my kids juice 50/50, this can stretch a 64-ounce jug to four or five days. Now, I think I'm going to start 75/25 to wean them off of it and onto water. With the exception of Adam, they don't like water anymore than I do.

So that's my new plan. I am hoping to save at least five bucks a week this way.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24

If it's Tuesday, it must be grocery day.

I've been off on the grocery trips due to spring break. The last time I went to the store until today was March 13 where I spent $64.03. Today I spent $79.13. Combined with the big trip I made at the beginning of the month, I have spent $227.57 at the grocery store this month. Not too bad. Of course, we were gone a few of those days, but still.

We are still working on the Angel Food groceries. The week before spring break I was able to make supper each day just on the stuff from those boxes. I'll go Saturday to pick up April's boxes. I also need to hit the double coupon store sometime this weekend, but I hope to only get free or nearly free things there.

At HEB this month if you buy a 12 pack of pop-tarts you get a 3 pack of Horizon Organic milk singles free. The pop-tarts were $2.50 and the milk was $2.99. Each week I had a coupon for a dollar off pop-tarts so for $1.50 I took home some mighty tasty Hot Fudge Sundae pop-tarts and healthy milk to pack in the kids lunch. Not bad.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11

I spent $74.25 at the pediatrician's office today. Apparently our ultra crappy insurance company has decided not to cover immunizations for my middle child. The baby, sure she can have some, but middle child not so much. WTH? I see nasty phone calls in my future.

I spent twenty some dollars at CVS for pull-ups, band-aids, and female necessities. I got what was on sale, but man, they charge heavily for that stuff.

I also wanted a new deodorant. I always buy whatever deodorant I can get dirt cheap on sale and with coupons, but now I'm down to my last one and it's a scent that I am almost sure has been triggering my daily migraines since opening it last week. I saw Secret, which I love and never buy because it is so expensive, on sale for $3.99 and if you used your CVS card they'd give you $1.00 so it was like getting it for $2.99. I had a $2.00 coupon in my purse so I was like SCORE! When I checked out the cashier was having a hard time making my coupon work and I wasn't paying a lot of attention because all three of my kids were trying to steal candy bars (I mean, what do that think putting that crap down there so low?) and finally he tells me he can only take $1.37 off and I was like what the heck for? and apparently the deodorant rang up $1.37. OKAY. So I got it totally free and they paid me my CVS dollar to take it! I am going back tomorrow with another two dollar coupon to do it again and then the next day I'll use both my dollar coupons so I can get two more free awesome, unscented Secret deodorants! I am excited just thinking about it!

Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9

No spending on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Well, except to pay the jumpy house man and the big cookie place. But that goes on our birthday budget.

I won't be spending today or tomorrow either because I AM NOT going to the grocery store this week. I think I can make it all week on stuff we have here.

Our dinner menu for this week is:

Monday: Cheezy Cabbage Casserole with baked potatoes
Tuesday: Chicken Fritters with mashed potatoes and carrot slices
Wednesday: I'm going to the rodeo with a friend and the husband can do whatever the heck he wants for dinner.
Thursday: Chicken Stir-Fry over rice with potstickers
Friday: Gumbo
Saturday: Steak and baked sweet potatoes and carrot slices
Sunday: Leftovers

Everything except the gumbo came from Angel Food Ministries. The gumbo was made by my mom at Christmas and promptly frozen for just this sort of occasion.