Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11

I spent $74.25 at the pediatrician's office today. Apparently our ultra crappy insurance company has decided not to cover immunizations for my middle child. The baby, sure she can have some, but middle child not so much. WTH? I see nasty phone calls in my future.

I spent twenty some dollars at CVS for pull-ups, band-aids, and female necessities. I got what was on sale, but man, they charge heavily for that stuff.

I also wanted a new deodorant. I always buy whatever deodorant I can get dirt cheap on sale and with coupons, but now I'm down to my last one and it's a scent that I am almost sure has been triggering my daily migraines since opening it last week. I saw Secret, which I love and never buy because it is so expensive, on sale for $3.99 and if you used your CVS card they'd give you $1.00 so it was like getting it for $2.99. I had a $2.00 coupon in my purse so I was like SCORE! When I checked out the cashier was having a hard time making my coupon work and I wasn't paying a lot of attention because all three of my kids were trying to steal candy bars (I mean, what do that think putting that crap down there so low?) and finally he tells me he can only take $1.37 off and I was like what the heck for? and apparently the deodorant rang up $1.37. OKAY. So I got it totally free and they paid me my CVS dollar to take it! I am going back tomorrow with another two dollar coupon to do it again and then the next day I'll use both my dollar coupons so I can get two more free awesome, unscented Secret deodorants! I am excited just thinking about it!

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  1. It's like a high! My husband laughs at me when I get all thrilled over a deal like that.