Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March 24

If it's Tuesday, it must be grocery day.

I've been off on the grocery trips due to spring break. The last time I went to the store until today was March 13 where I spent $64.03. Today I spent $79.13. Combined with the big trip I made at the beginning of the month, I have spent $227.57 at the grocery store this month. Not too bad. Of course, we were gone a few of those days, but still.

We are still working on the Angel Food groceries. The week before spring break I was able to make supper each day just on the stuff from those boxes. I'll go Saturday to pick up April's boxes. I also need to hit the double coupon store sometime this weekend, but I hope to only get free or nearly free things there.

At HEB this month if you buy a 12 pack of pop-tarts you get a 3 pack of Horizon Organic milk singles free. The pop-tarts were $2.50 and the milk was $2.99. Each week I had a coupon for a dollar off pop-tarts so for $1.50 I took home some mighty tasty Hot Fudge Sundae pop-tarts and healthy milk to pack in the kids lunch. Not bad.

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