Friday, February 20, 2009

February 19

As much as I knew I shouldn't have done it, I went to Target.

My middle child was wearing a pair of Lightning McQueen shoes that were falling apart and he really needed another pair. Sure, I probably could've skipped the shoes and just dealt with the fights upon trying to shove his feet into his sneakers every day, but he likes to just slip these shoes on and go and, honestly, that helps me out a good bit so I decided to splurge on another pair of shoes. And while we were in the shoe aisle, Sister decided she could not live without a pair of almost identical Dora shoes so I threw them in the cart too. They were 11.99 each, on sale from 14.99. Let's hope they last all summer.

The deals I got with coupons and sales were:

Pampers: 8.49
Huggies body wash $1.29 (down from reg. price 2.99)
Purina One dog food absolutely free
Transformers Valentines 74 cents

Valentine kitty book that I'll put in the bucket o' birthday presents box - a quarter

Of course I got sucked into the dollar spot again with some Easter gloves, some glow sticks for the next birthday party, and some birthday balls and toys for the birthday dog (Happy Birthday, Ez!) at 10.00. Sometimes I really hate Target.

I spent 11.15 on milk, bread, bananas, egs, cereal, and some Oreo splurging bringing our grocery total for the month to $127.63. I will make our last grocery trip of the month next week and hope to keep our total under $200 bucks.

So total spending for today was $106.71. Not a great start.

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