Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22

Well, for a family on a budget, we sure did spend a lot of money yesterday.

My husband is cheap. Very, very cheap. But if he gets in his mind he wantsneeds something, he gets it. The good thing about this is he rarely wants needs anything, but when the need hits, watch out.

We went to JCPenney yesterday to have the kids pictures taken. I have a Portrait Club card so the sitting was free and I had a coupon for $3.99 a sheet, which is a must because the regular price is $14.99.

So, $58.85 for pictures to adorn our walls.

But then the husband walked a few steps over to the housewares department and found three pictures he had to have for our dining room wall. They were on sale, 50% off, but they still packed a punch at $70.00 each. I think we could've lived with two, he insisted on three, and $215ish dollars later our dining room is almost decorated. I'm not crazy about them, but the husband is, so I think we'll keep them. I'd have rather put that money in the education fund, but oh well. At least it was a semi-deal at half price.

So, $215, say, for more pictures to adorn our walls.

I also learned not to go grocery shopping with the husband. Ever. He makes the kids cry because he won't allow them to snack out of the cereal box like I do and when I say grab a box of the mac and cheese on sale, I ended up with five, so I don't save as much money with him around.

I spent total on groceries/household goods at Kroger: $73.92.

If you have Kroger where you are I got these deals:

Pillsbury crescent rolls - 75 cents
Schick Quattro Razors - $2.49 down from $7.19 with sale and coupon
Pringles - 70 cents a can
Pillsbury Toaster Strudel - 95 cents

And I stocked up on toilet paper, all different brands with double and triple coupons and sales. In all I saved $6.00 on toilet paper. I spent 12 bucks for 36 rolls of TP. And, WOW, has toilet paper gone up. It does disturb me to literally flush my money away like that, but what else can you do?

But I hate Kroger. They advertised milk at $2.49 but rang me up at $2.99 and I threw some Italian sausage into the cart because it was $2.00 but they rang me up at $2.99 for that. I usually watch so carefully, but I missed those two. I did call them on the 99 cent/pound peaches they tried to charge me $2.99 though.

So that brings my grocery spending for this month to $201.55. I was really, really, hoping I could do it for under $250 this month, but not possible. I still have to go to my favorite store on Tuesday for a few things because we are having dinner company that night and I anticipate another fifty bucks there. So now my goal is to keep it under $275.

And then there was $21.10 for a forty pound bag of dog food at PetSmart. Damn dog.

We should only spend $1.75 today for a Sunday paper for more coupons. I am going to do my best to keep the husband away from the stores today.

So, 368.87 today. OUCH.

Yeah, 1500 a year my ass.

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