Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 24

I went to the good and fancy grocery store bright and early this morning.

In all I spent $84.80. $11.18 of that was pet food and $7.43 was for birthday party supplies. We separate those on our budget so I don't count them as groceries. So my total take on groceries today was $66.18.

The sales expire today, but I did get tangelos, seedless red grapes, blood oranges, and pears for 99 cents a pound so we'll be eating well fruit wise this week. I also scored a six pack of canned dog food for $2. Sure, one was missing, but the regular price was $4.59 so I think it was a good deal for five cans. Ezra usually eats dry food, but we do give him canned food as a treat sometimes and he's old and deserves to be treated well once in a while so I couldn't pass it up.

So our monthly grocery total for February is $267.73. Not bad for a family of five I think. My goal next month is to keep it under $250.

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  1. I had to be all Super Ninja to find this blog...but I did it!

    yeah, I didn't realize that looking at your profile would direct me this way until just now.

    Taking notes!