Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2

I didn't spend any money today! Yeah!

Tomorrow is my grocery day and I'm hoping to get out of there spending less than $75.

I want to see how far the Angel Food boxes will take me so I'll log it in here.

Yesterday for lunch we had half of the bag of breaded chicken fritters and some of the apples.

Tonight we're having the frozen salisbury steaks with 1/3 of the bag of frozen french fries and some frozen green beans I already had.

Last night for dinner the husband treated his skiing friends to steak and expensive vegetables and a frozen apple pie. With all these apples here he BOUGHT a pie? He did not give me the receipt because he knows I'd be ticked at him. And, well, yes I am. I try hard to spend frugally on groceries and he probably blew half our budget on that one trip. Grrrr.

So so far, I've made two meals on the angel food groceries. They say it will last a week for a family of four. We'll just see....

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