Friday, March 6, 2009

March 6

Yesterday I spent thirty bucks to order our Angel Food box for April. Technically it's the March box, but since I pick it up the last day of March and will be using the food in April, I will count that thirty bucks toward our April grocery budget. There's gonna be ribeyes in it!

But I spent $55.00 in February for the boxes I am using this month so with Tuesday's grocery trip I've spent $139.41 total this month. And it's only the 6th of the month. Oy.

I do think if I work at it, I can still keep our bill under $250 this month. I have planned meals until the 18th on the food from the Angel Food boxes and with that shelf staple milk they sent I may not have to make it back at all next week. Whatever would I do next Tuesday morning?

Also, the husband refinanced our mortgage today. He was going to go with a 30-year at 4.85% which would've shaved over $400 bucks off our monthly payment and, incredibly, bring it very close to what we paid for that old house. That crappy old house that was half the size and price. But in the end, because interest makes him develop a tic, he went with a 15-year at 4%. FOUR PERCENT! It makes our payment more, but we'll still be saving about $250 a month.

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