Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3

Well, I didn't keep it under $75. Yeah, I know, I could bring a calculator and keep track, but with a list, the coupons, and two kids I need to keep wrestling back into the cart, no thanks. I'll take my chances.

I spent $84.41 at HEB today.

Tuesday is my regular grocery day, but that is the last day of the sales ads. They were out of a lot of the things I went in for that were on sale. I was rethinking my strategy while in the store and thinking maybe I might want to change my grocery day to Friday, but then I remember that thing called "the rain check". Why do they call it a rain check? I have never gotten a rain check before, but I remember my mother getting them all the time. So when I checked out, I asked the cashier for rain checks and she was happy to give them to me.

Anyway, I saved $15.95 with coupons.

Some of the deals I got:

Little Smokies 50 cents each. On sale for a dollar and I had a dollar off two. They'll be nice to serve at the birthday party this weekend.

Minute Rice 82 cents On sale and with a dollar coupon

Crisco olive oil, 16 ounces $3.78 Used a dollar coupon and the in-store coupon for a free $2.15-one pound box of Barilla Plus pasta.

Carl Buddig Deli Cuts Ham $1.50 On sale with a dollar coupon, regulary priced $3.29.

And a tank full of gasoline for $24.02. A bargain considering what it was six months ago.

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